Katie Cleary Husband Killed himself because of Martial problems

model katie clearyAndrew Stern the husband of model Katie Cleary commits suicide. His was found dead at a San Fernando Valley.  He gunshot himself on head. After Katie Cleary husband Andrew death the Law enforcement agencies reached Katie Cleary and some other people close to Andrew Stern. Official were told that he was having martial problem with Katie Cleary and was in deep depression because of financial issues.

Few weeks back Katie Cleary was seen spending time and partying with Adrian Grenier and Leonardo DiCaprio. There is a lot of buzz around media that this could be the reason he commits suicide. friends of Andrew Stern told that he call Cleary the love of his life fear of losing her sent him further into sea of darkness. They also have a divorce issue between them. Andrew Stern was a 40 years old entrepreneur. and Katie Cleary was the contestant of America First Top Model and later she also appear on Deal or no Deal.

Below you can see the pictures of Beauty Katie CLeary with Leonardo DiCaprio



leonardo dicaprio with katie cleary leonardo dicaprio with Katie clearyBut Cleary says that these pictures has nothing to do with his husband suicide because these picture are 8 months old.

One thing to remind here that They also filed divorced 8 months back in april 9,2014

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